ARTISTS SPACE EVENTS ABOUT is a non-profit organisation providing work and living space for international artists at PROGR Art Center in Bern. Our main sponsor is the Stiftung GegenwART. Some artists are supported by Pro Helvetia or other cultural organizations.

Guest Artists 2012-2020

Since 2012 more than 100 artists have spent a Residency at Progr Art Center in Bern.

Boris Shershenkov


Boris Shershenkov (b. 1990, Vladivostok, Russia) - sound artist, PhD (candidate of technical sciences) and musical instrument designer. Focusing on projects that develop new methodologies in technological and sound art, he investigates the relationship between human and technology combining modern techniques with media archaeological research. Boris is engaged in various activities in the field of experimental music and sound art as the author of media installations and sound performances and curator of concert programs, exhibitions and educational projects. As a musician, he is actively working in the areas of live electronics and electroacoustic improvisation, both solo and in collaboration with Russian and foreign musicians. His works and instruments were presented at numerous collective exhibitions, festivals and concerts of experimental and electronic music in Russia and abroad. Currently lives and works in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Photo credit: Ivan Chelovekov

The residency of Boris Shershenkov is supported by Pro Helvetia

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Stefanie Scheurell


Born in Berlin in 1980 Stefanie Scheurell began her higher education after graduation in 2000 at the Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, where she studied painting under Prof. Gustav Kluge until 2005.
To expand her influences she also attended the 2003 semester at the University of Arts Berlin as a guest in the art class of Prof. Rebecca Horn. After her final thesis which was supervised by Prof. John Bock, she studied intermedial design at the Academy of Arts Stuttgart.
Her academic studies and projects abroad have taken her to New Zealand, Japan, Northern France and Switzerland. In New Zealand she explored the traditional Maori art of tattooing. On Okinawa she created several video works that deal with the peculiarities of the Ryukyu Islands.
Scheurell has held exhibits regularly in Germany and abroad. For example at the Maejima Art Center in Naha, Japan. In 2008 she had her first video presentation held in Mexico. 2016 Scheurell took part in the Photo Festival in Lodi, Mailand. Concepts and working models of her art were presented at the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts and at the Kunsthalle Zurich.



Frida got into music through a delightful experiment on the power of joy, and has since found herself on a journey to discover the sound of her own soul. It was in 2014 that Frida launched her project TheGoodVibesExperiment, where she started her research on what she deeply believed was true:
. human potential is grander than anything we can imagine,
. it is our creative energy that can allow that inner genius to come out and express itself,
. and that being together in trust, joy, love and freedom - what she calls "high frequency being"- is where the energy flows best.
At that time, Frida wasn't making any music yet. She knew she wanted to test her theory on herself first, and on something she knew nothing about - for the freedom - but loved so passionately - for the joy, drive and desire,- so she decided to write a song. What happened next is a bit of a fairy tale with so many things to tell that it would be a little too much to tell here. One thing that can't be left unsaid though was the role of the beautiful people she met, their spectacular talent, the love they shared, and the resonance of everything they created together. It is that passion for high frequency collaborations - and all what they unlock - that got her here to Bern for this research residency. She's here to meet new musicians, write new songs with them, and then release all that goodness into the world.
Some of her music here:
Picture taken on the movie set of The Anger (dir. Maria Ivanova)
Photo credit: Wadih Daher

The residency of Frida is supported by Pro Helvetia

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Maria Motyleva


Maria Motyleva is an artist and a curator. She was born in Moscow and grew up in Northern Caucasus. Graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts, specializing in bibliology and artist's book, then in 2016-2018 studied illustration and comics at Ar.Co - Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual in Lisbon and later attended the Textile Laboratory in Prostaya Schkola in Moscow. For several years she curated cultural and social projects in Moscow as well internationally and was exhibited in both Portugal and Russia. Now residing and working in Adygea, Northern Caucasus, learning local textile traditions, she is mostly concentrated on embroidery and textile as an artistic medium and as a social and cultural practice. In her work she repairs old or damaged pieces of clothes with embroidery, celebrating the damages and memory traces, turning the holes and dirt spots into pieces of art. The idea revolves around taking care of personal memories through the objects representing them in the physical world by the very slow, therapeutical and almost archaic practice of embroidery.

Maria Hanl


Maria Hanl - born 1969 in Austria - studied art in Vienna and London. She works with different media and preferably uses fabrics that are flexible and easily malleable, garments, and cords, which she shapes into free linear constellations. Her own body gets more and visible in this arrangements. "Ultimately, she herself takes on the form of a line – abstracted, only seen from behind. The body becomes thus part of her world of things and addresses the complex human relationships and connections within a networked, globalized world – a situation between dependence and compulsion, communication and interaction, chaos and structure, that Hanl illustrates, also in an abstract manner, by thread graphics consisting of constellations of lines." (Petra Noll-Hammerstiel)

Nicole Bianchet


Nicole Bianchet (D/US) was born 1975 in Los Angeles (USA) and grew up in the Black Forest in Germany. She lives in Berlin and Middelburg (NL).
From 1995 to 2002 she studied painting at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste Karlsruhe with Karin Sander and Gustav Kluge. Bianchet did her master of arts with Gustav Kluge. Furthermore she is a classically trained singer and released three pop albums.
Bianchet usually shows large scale paintings on carved wood. Bianchet's so far largest museum installation was shown in 2019 at the museum of Kornwestheim (D) curated by Saskia Dams featuring a 2,40 x 34 meter large painting with sound installation, wishing machines, photographies and paper works.
Bianchet has internationally shown at reknown museums and and art fairs and is represented by the Galerie Michael Haas in Berlin and Galerie Haas AG in Zuerich (CH).

Linn Hoseth


Born in the northern Norwegian city of Bodø in 1979. She graduated from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Norwegian University of Science and Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art in 2014. Recent years she has been at a residency program in Atacama Chile, with the non-profit organization La Wayaka Current (2017), and has participated in exhibitions both in Norway and abroad. She was also selected as «Artist of the Month» in September 2019 by The Association of Norwegian Painters. She works mainly within the medium of painting and drawing, with focus on nature from different perspectives, like our place in it as humans and the autonomy of nature.

Jasper Walgrave


Jasper Walgrave was born in Belgium in 1974. He graduated in history, political sociology and development studies, then worked in the arts sector in Portugal, coordinating projects between the then Danças Na Cidade (now Alkantara) and partners in Mozambique, Cape Verde and Brazil.
From 2003 to 2006 Walgrave was project coordinator for the SA-Flemish project for Community Arts Centres, based at the South African Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) in Pretoria. In September 2007 he was appointed the Head of the Southern African Liaison Office for Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council, which was based in Cape Town until 2012, when the Office moved to Johannesburg.
Walgrave then worked at the Head Office of Pro Helvetia in Zurich from June 2014 to May 2019. He was initially the head of liaison offices abroad, then later developed and managed Pro Helvetia’s new South America programme, called “Coincidencia”.

Kata Tranker


Kata Tranker (1989, Hungary) lives and works in Budapest. She graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2012. Her sensitive focus of interest has long been on the human nature and the boundary between appearance and reality. Her socio-historical analysis - focusing on the symbiotic relationships - results in identity questions. The installations composed of variable drawings and objects are mostly narrative, but not giving the viewer a linear plot or interpretation. The artist creates fiction based spatial systems that raise questions for the viewer and offer room for interpretation. Accordingly, the artist's use of exhibition space is not merely a presentation of individual works but also weaves together complex stories that make each work and item an indispensable part within a larger whole.
Besides numerous collective and solo shows in Hungary and abroad, she has been participating at international artist residencies (K.A.I.R. Kosice, das wiesse haus Vienna, AIR Mino Japan). She is a member of the Studio of Young Artists Association (FKSE) and was awarded three times Gyula Derkovits Scholarship which is Hungary’s most important appreciation for young artists. Her works can be found in more Hungarian and international collections.

Lili Horváth


Curator, art manager and foreign cultural policy specialist born in Hungary. She graduated in 2015 from the University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt with an M.A. in International Relations, Art History & Visual Studies and Corporate Art Engagement for which she was granted the Postgraduate Studies Scholarship from the Free State of Bavaria. In her Master’s thesis, that she developed with the support of Florian Ebner, chief of photography of Paris’s Centre Pompidou and curator of the Venice Biennale’s German Pavilion in 2015, she examined Tobias Zielony’s series The Citizen based on a critical analysis of the German political discourse on migration since the 1950s and focused on the altering conceptualizations of ’culture’ and ’the other’, as well as its constructive effect upon social identities. Between 2015 and 2018 she was a member of the German Academic Council on Culture and Foreign Policy (WIKA).
She has lived and worked in Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin where she has been involved in the conceptualisation and production of various projects in the field of visual and performing arts. Among others as assistant curator of the CHB Residency, she organised an artist-in-residence program in the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin followed by exhibitions of site-specific installations by guest artists Hajnalka Tarr (2016), Áron Kútvölgyi-Szabó (2017) and Ádám Albert (2018). As a member of Labor Desintegration (w. Victoria Alexiev and Andrea Heilrath) she has also co-created an audio-tactile installation The Mass That Speaks, which has been selected for exhibition in the Kronprinzenpalais at the 3. Berliner Herbstsalon international biennial of arts.
In 2018 she returned to Hungary and has currently been working at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest as a corporate sponsorship consultant. She has also initiated a series of thematic pop-up exhibitions that reflect upon the Gallery’s current temporary exhibition from a specific conceptual perspective and that aim to establish a regular platform for the young generation of contemporary Hungarian artists to present their work within the walls of the most renowned public institution of fine arts in Hungary. These exhibitons, featuring works of 5-6 artists curated by her and installed each time in a different location in the building, also aim – in a manner reminiscent of the ideas of Willem Sandberg, Johannes Cladders or Pontus Hultén – to go beyond the tradtitional role and conventional instruments of the museum both as physical space and as an institution. Within the framework of one of the group shows entitled Camera Lucida, opened in June 2018, she has worked together with Kata Tranker for the first time with whom she is attending the residency at PROGR Art Center. Together they are currently developing a new project focusing on the deconstruction of the notion of ’object of art’ and the widely accepted artificial boundary between life and artistic work.

Latest projects:
Dániel Szalai: Stadtluft solo exhibition (2020)
Camera Lucida group exhbition (2019)
Conditio Inhumana group exhibition (2019)
Instagram: @lilifromthevalley

Pepa Sosa


"Art as a tool that allows activating particular reflections on universally present concepts, regardless of the geographic point in which we find ourselves or the culture to which we belong. Conceptual strategies I use the symbolic properties of materials such as lightness and apparent fragility of silk, against the forcefulness and rotundity of titanium or steel. The transparency of the fabric against the opacity of the metal or the support. The superposition of transparent layers and the decomposition of flat images through three-dimensional supports."

Tania García


Tania García was born in Caracas, Venezuela, raised between Spain, Portugal and USA, currently lives and works in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain). She has a Degree in Fine Arts, and a Master of Philosophy at La Laguna University, Tenerife. Her activity has been developed in two interconnected fields: her career as a visual artist, linking her work to performance art and installation; and her work in cultural management.
Her artistic research revolves around the constitution of the subject, the identity and the multiple elements that interfere in the reality with which each subject lives. Concepts such as territory, border, the real, the imaginary and the symbolic will be tied together in an interdisciplinary practice that leaves a mark, an outline, a video or an action, a result of indefinite forms, a willingness to explore towards a new collective conceptualization, intensely linked to the vagueness and meaninglessness of the narratives that revolve around migration and belonging.
Among its most outstanding shows are: ADA (Festival of actions, Oporto), 6 Cuerpos (1st International Performance Festival, Murcia), Action Art (October Center of Contemporary Culture, Valencia). Encuentro de Danza (Victoria Theater, Tenerife), PAO Festival (Performance Art Oslo, Oslo). Cuerpo a Cuerpo (5th Meeting of Performance, Music and Video, Las Palmas).

Matteo Taramelli


Visual artist, architect and computational designer, Matteo Taramelli focuses his work on the creation of abstract videos, space installations and scenography that link geometrical composition with sound and performing arts. His artistic research is directly influenced by his interests in geometry and patterns, architecture and politics of space, generative design and bottom-up systems, perspectivity in vision and language. Born in Bergamo (Italy), he graduated at the Dessau Institute of Architecture in 2013 and received his bachelor degree in Science of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. He spent his academic research exploring the narrative power of speculative design in response to extreme environmental conditions and devastating neoliberal urban policies. During his studies, he also carried out research on 3D Augmented-Reality at the Architecture & Plan Department of Politecnico and worked as illustrator at Atlas publishing company. He is member of the artistic association Unplush and co-founded the curatorial collective Unplush Invites, both awarded with the Prairie Migroskulturprozent Grant 2018-20 and the June Johnson Dance Prize.

Anastasia Bogomolova


Born in 1985 in Kazakhstan. In 2012–2014 studied in the educational programs in the FotoDepartament Foundation (St. Petersburg). Lives and works in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Anastasia is an artist, working with installations, photography and performative practices. Her projects are connected with studies of the flexible nature of memory and oblivion, boundaries of a documentary. She’s a winner for Garage Museum's Grant Program (2017, 2018) and the Credit Suisse and Cosmoscow Art Prize for Young Artists (2016). Nominee for The Sergey Kuryokhin Award (2017) and for Kandinsky Prize (2017). Her works were widely exhibited Russia, as well as in Phoenix, Cologne, Chicago etc.

The residency of Anastasia Bogomolova is supported by Pro Helvetia Moscow

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Asya Marakulina


In 2006 graduated from a Professional College #1 in Perm with a diploma in Computer Graphics. Since 2008 has been living and working in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2015 graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Saint Petersburg State University, majoring in Production and Design of Animated Films and from «The School for Young Artist», PRO ARTE Foundation for Culture and Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Participated in group exhibitions in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Perm, Helsinki, New York, Kaliningrad. Participant of the artists group «North-7» in 2014-2015. The recipient of Garage's (Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow) program in support of emerging Russian artists 2015-2016.

The winner of the Credit Suisse Cosmoscow Prize for Young Artist (Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair, 2018)

The residency of Asya Marakulina is supported by Credit Suisse and Cosmoscow

Jimena Croceri


Born in 1981 in Cutral Co, Argentina. She grew up in the Patagonia Region. Studies in Buenos Aires. One-month field research in the Brazilian Amazon. Variety of mediums, including sculpture, performance, sounds and installation. Residency at FLORA ars+natura in Bogotá, Colombia. Would like to find some collaborative formats with other artists in situ. In collaboration with the swiss artist Sarina Scheideger

Photo: Carolina Pierri

In the Frame of the South America programme «COINCIDENCIA» of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

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Sara Hamdy


Sara Hamdy is a visual artist who born in Cairo-Egypt 1987. Graduated from faculty of fine arts oil painting department 2009. Hamdy had a special interest in sound as a subject and a medium; In her practice she tries to connect her whole cognition through visual-sound works. She always relates the visuals and sounds to focus on the lines between opposition, madness and the limitations of languages.

The residency of Sara Hamdy is supported by Pro Helvetia Cairo

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Idaira del Castillo


Idaira del Castillo vive y trabaja en Tenerife. Ella es Licenciada en Bellas Artes por la universidad de La Laguna. Ha cursado un año con la beca Séneca en La Universidad de Pontevedra y tiene un Magister en Escenografía por La Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Su trabajo oscila entre el dibujo, la pintura, la instalación, la performance, el vídeo… con diferentes formatos, donde plasma la visión de las cosas que le suceden, que le llegan y le importan con una mirada crítica.
Habla de su imaginario personal y de cosas tangibles, de forma entretejida. Normalmente en grandes formatos, a veces en pequeñas en dimensiones, buscando un juego de escalas con las diferencias de tamaño de sus piezas. Dónde el fin es establecer un diálogo con el espectador, buscando el debate, la discusión, el cambio, el intercambio, la reacción, la respuesta.

Raúl Artiles García


Raúl Artiles lives and works in Gran Canaria, Spain. He is a Fine Artist graduate from the Universidad de La Laguna and completed his studies at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunste of Braunschweig. He generally works with large formats presenting installations of papers in charcoal with which he aims to break down the 19th-century academic concept that makes drawings minor works that depend on other disciplines. He often resorts to the souvenir aesthetic as a possible representative strategy of the behaviour of the contemporary world. His works unfold in space in almost a monumental way, questioning the way we address images in the digital age. His imaginary landscapes constitute fleeing visions dominated by a catastrophic or an apocalyptic approach not without irony that suggest a metaphor of the current economic and political situation and at the same time hint at a possible solution and a new Renaissance.

Mona Vatamanu and Florin Tudor


Mona Vatamanu (b. 1968) and Florin Tudor (b. 1974) have been working together since the year 2000 and are based in Bucuresti. Their works have been presented in different exhibitions, including the EVA Biennial (Limerick, 2016), the 10th Shanghai Biennial (2014), the 12th Istanbul Biennial (2011), as well as the 5th Berlin Biennial, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2008).

Heather M. O'Brien and Jonathan Takahashi


Heather M. O'Brien and Jonathan Takahashi are artists and filmmakers based in Beirut, Lebanon. Their work attempts to create an alternative narrative to conflict imagery and is grounded in the possibility and failures in recording one's own history. Recent exhibitions include: where water touches land, Counterpath (Denver, Colorado, USA) and Windows of Little Tokyo (Japanese American Cultural Community Center, Los Angeles, California, USA). Heather and Jonathan are currently fellows with the Sommerakademie Paul Klee 2017 - 2019, working with the collective project BLOCC (Building Leverage Over Creative Capitalism) and Artistic Director Tirdad Zolghadr.

Ustina Yakovleva


Born in 1987 in Moscow. Lives in Moscow and Berlin. Ustina Yakovleva graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University (Graphics Faculty, 2009) and in the same year graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow. Her work has been exhibited in Russia and internationally. Ustina was resident in Gridchinhall residency, NCCA residency in Kronstadt, Zarya residency in Vladivostok. Shortlist of art prize for young artists STRABAG, Vienna, 2014. Works are in private collections in Russia, UK, France, Germany, Austria and The Netherlands.

German Lavrovskiy


German Lavrovskii is a young artist based in Moscow, who works with digital installation. The artistic practices of German refer to philosophical ideas arising in relation to the boundaries of the anthropocentric picture of the world. Gender, physicality, sexuality in his works are diffused and reconstructed in the ephemeral digital space.Finding a specific plastic and an unstable temporary state, the characters from German's works reflect intuitions about possible models of new identities. Subjectivity is pulled out from a person and is distributed between threads and connections, in which desires, machine codes, neural networks, body parts, polygons and algorithms, visual effects and fragments of human memory participate. German finished British High School of Art and Design: 3 animation. Selected art exhibition: Designed by Cybrorg 2016, Kartateka 2017.

Sommerakademie Paul Klee


1 - 30 August is hosting the guest artists of the Sommerakademie Paul Klee 2018

Vladimir Logutov


Born in Samara in 1980. Lives and works in Moscow. Vladimir Logutov graduated from the Samara Art School (faculty of painting, 1996- 2001) and the Samara Pedagogical University (faculty of fine arts and crafts, 1996-2001). In 2005 he completed an internship as a part of an independent artistic training in Stuttgart, Germany. Participated in numerous group shows in Russia and in the world, including the 1st and the 2d Moscow biennale of contemporary art, 4th triennale of contemporary art in Guangzhou, 54, 55 Venice Biennale,13th International Architecture Biennale. Laureate of the "INNOVATION Prize 2018" - Artist of the Year.
Artist’s works are both in private and museum collections, including collections of the The Tretyakov Gallery,Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Stella Art Foundation (Moscow), FRAC Bretagne Museum (Brest, France) and others.

Artem Filatov


Artem Filatov (1991) born and living in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Artem is working in the field of installation, sculpture and site-specific public art. Participant of 4th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (2014), parallel program of European Biennale of Contemporary Art "Manifesta" (2014). First personal exhibition in duet with Vladimir Chernyshev "Tabula" (2015) opened at Moscow Artwin Gallery. Artem is an organizer and curator of public art festival "New City: Ancient" (2014-2016) in Nizhny Novgorod, which is dedicated to artistic re-imagination of the problem of historical houses preservation. Curator of exhibition "Alike" (2016) at Futuro gallery, Nizhny Novgorod (2016) and curator of exhibition "Life of the Living" (2016) at NCCA Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod. Winner of Museum of contemporary art "Garage" Grant program for emerging artists (2016). Short listed in nomination “Curator of the year” at Innovation prize (2017), long listed in nomination "Young artist. Project of the year" at Kandinsky Prize (2015) and "Art in public space" at Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award (2014).

The residency of Artem Filatov is supported by Credit Suisse and Cosmoscow

Milica Lazarevic


Milica Lazarevic (b.1988 in Halmstad, Sweden) is a visual artist who is mainly working with drawing and painting. She graduated at the Faculty of applied arts in Belgrade, Serbia, where she is currently working on her PhD project exploring microbial pigments and it’s use in visual art. Her subject matter revolves about human and nature guided by the most diverse states of mind and spirit, introducing observers into a suggestive dialogue. She is usually working with ordinary daily images, with a dreamlike background, questioning human relations from her surrounding and daily observations. Influenced by Nordic memoriesandsymbolic mixes with landscape or inhabited environment. Her work has been exhibited both internationally and nationally. Since 2014 she is teaching drawing and painting at the Faculty of Applied arts in Belgrade.

Dragan Zdravković


Painter and visual artist born and based in Belgrade, graduated from the Department of painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade (1994), and received MA from the same department (1999). In 2011, he obtained a fellowship for the LIA - Leipzig International Art-Programme in Germany. He lectured at SACI (Studio Art Centres International, New York/Firenze) as a visiting professor, and as a tenured professor at Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade (until 2014). He is one of the lecturers in “Outsideproject” – an academic summer school programme in Firenze. Also, he is one of the founders of the Centre for international art studies – CMUS in Belgrade and a Selector of International Engraving Biennale of Douro, Portugal (2005). Since 2014, he teaches drawing and painting at the University of Arts, Faculty of applied arts in Belgrade. His works are included in several museums, galleries and private collections: Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade (MoCAB), RS.; Christen Sveaas Art Collection, Oslo, NO.; Museu do Douro (Portugal); Madlena Zepter art collection; National Museum, Vranje, RS.; LIA - Lepizig International Art-Programme, DE.; and in private collections in Brussels, Zurich, Berlin (A. Schlag), Lepizig (Lenzer), Vienna (Zepter, Graf), Belgrade...
Most recently, Zdravković participated in 57th Venice Biennale (2017). The exhibition titled: “Enclavia – Painting, a Consequence of This Kind of Life” (Serbian Pavilion, Giardini)

Bodo Korsig


Bodo Korsig is a native-born German, who divides his time between Trier(Germany) and New York. Bodo Korsig’s work is both funny and serious. Working in a variety of mediums and modes, including woodcut, Artist books, sculpture and videos. He plays with the subconscious, the familiar, the mundane, and the miniscule. He gets you though, hitting you head on with the periphery, turning things around, stretching, reorienting.
Bodo Korsig has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally including at Smart Museum of Art Chicaco, US; Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, Germany; Trussardi Art Center Milano, Italy and ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany. His work is in over 50 museums and public collections include Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, US; Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York, US; Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan; Czech Museum of Fine Arts, Prague. He has received 20 international prizes and scholarships, including Artist Residency Inside- Out, Art Museum, Beijing, Grand Prix 4th International Triennial Prague, Stipendium Kunstfonds Berlin and a grant from the Max Kade Foundation, US

Acaymo S. Cuesta


Acaymo S. Cuesta (Gran Canaria, 1983) Licenciado en B.B.A.A por la Universidad de La Laguna y Máster en Producción Artística por la Universidad Politécnica Valencia. Ha expuesto su trabajo en espacios como Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (Gran Canaria - España), Galería Fernando Pradilla (Madrid - España), Galería No Lugar (Quito - Ecuador), Centro Cultural Pérez de la Riva (Madrid - España), One Project en ArtMadrid’17 con la Galería La Isla (Madrid - España), TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (Tenerife - España), IX Bienal Internacional de Arte SIART (La Paz - Bolivia), Fundación Mapfre Guanarteme (Tenerife - España), Hardy Tree Gallery (Londres - Reino Unido), Espacio AB9 (Murcia- España), Laboratorio21 (Viareggio- Italia), o Galería de Arte U.L.PG.C. (Gran Canaria - España), entre otros.

Laura Gherardi


Licenciada en Bellas Artes en 1992 por la Academia de Bellas Artes de Roma. Desde 1991 vive y trabaja entre Santa Cruz de Tenerife y Roma. Esta artista ha participado en más de una treintena de exposiciones colectivas en España, Belgica, Cuba y en las siguientes exposiciones:
Exposiciones individuales (selección)
2015 De Estraperlo Galería Artizar,La Laguna,Tenerife; 2014 Happy hours Sala de Arte Bronzo,La Laguna ,Tenerife; 2013 Souvenirs SAC Sala de Arte Contemporáneo del Gobierno de Canarias ,S/Cruz; 2011 open estudio #3 El Apartamento. S/C de Tenerife; 2010... nessun dorma Área60, TEA, Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Santa Cruz; 2004 De mi urgo Galería Artizar, La Laguna,Tenerife; 1999 Ermita de Gran Poder Bajamar

Stefano Cagol


Stefano Cagol (Trento, 1969) received a post-doctoral fellowship at the Ryerson University in Toronto from the Government of Canada and graduated at the Accademia di Brera in Milan. In 2018 he will participate at OFF Cairo Biennial and in 2017 he has been part of the show for COP23, the international conference for climate change, at the German Ministry of Environment in Berlin (he has became part of its Collection, too) and he has been part of the grand inaugural exhibition curated by Veit Loers at Haus Mödrath - Räume für Kunst in Cologne (till Nov, 2018). He participated at Manifesta 11, at the 55. Venice Biennale invited by the Maldives Pavilion, at the 54th Venice Biennale with a solo collateral event, and at the 1st Singapore Biennale. His solo project "The Body of Energy (of the mind)" has been presented in 2014-15 at a series of European museums, such as the MAXXI Museum in Rome, Madre Museum in Naples, Maga Museum in Gallarate, Museion in Bolzano, Kunsthalle St. Gallen, ZKM in Karlsruhe, Museum Folkwang in Essen, Landmark / Bergen Kunsthall. He won the Visit prize of Innogy Foundation (2014, Germany) and the Terna Prize for Contemporary Art (2009, Italy), and was selected for many artist in residence programs including: in Bern (2018); AiR Kristiansand in Norway (2017); Ruhr Residence (2016); Cambridge Sustainability Residency (2016); Momentum in Berlin (2015); Air Bergen (2014); Drake Arts Center in Kokkola, Finland (2013); BAR International Kirkenes in the Arctic (2010); International Studio and Curatorial Program ISCP in New York (2010).

Martin Vongrej


Martin Vongrej is one of the key representatives of a young generation artists who follows the legacy of neo-avant-garde and existentially-based conceptual art. His works are created as intuitive, and at the same time systematic, installations devoted to the issues of human consciousness and spiritual perception. They are composed from found as well as fabricated objects, paintings, photographs and drawings, often using simple methods of multiplication. Assembled all together, they are particularly attuned towards the exhibition space. Martin Vongrej often combines images and texts, newly defining elements of experience with space and time. He investigates borders between the visible and invisible world. Mirroring, rotation, repetition and the grammar of the unspeakable are frequent motifs of his works. Martin Vongrej creates situations based on the records of everyday life, in which he works with an extended consciousness of the self and also with immediate contact with the closest surroundings. He took part in the Manifesta 8, The European Biennial of Contemporary Art in 2010 in Murcia, Spain with the work “Self-observing Conciousness”. Besides that, in recent time his work has been introduced in several solo exhibitions in Slovakia and the Czech republic for instance in Futura – Karlín Studios in Prague in 2017. He received individual grants from Kone foundation (FI) in 2013 and Terra foundation (USA) in 2015. Vongrej’s works take part in collection of Fondazione Morra Greco.

This Residency is a collaboration with: Štokovec, Space for Culture and residency platforme Banská St a nica Contemporary

Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov


Born in 1988. Lives and works at Moscow. Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov studied genetics (bioengineering) and philology in Moscow. Since his academic studies Ilya has been interested in art and actively worked with sketches and ideas for his future works. Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov works with the topic of nature and culture interactions. He sees the nature as an universal language that everyone can understand. Nevertheless, in each culture there is a small proportion of unique aspects that are connected to nature or peculiar biological species. These issues form the subject of artist’s professional interest. Ilya makes installations examining biological processes and using such biological materials as images of ants or anthills, entomological collections and cell structures. His works was part of several Festivals and Biennale - 2017: Main project of the 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art and «A posteriori», Parallel Programme of the 4th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art (Yekaterinburg). And solo shows, for example - 2015 Umbracle the City of Arts and Sciences by Santiago Calatrava – «Metamorphosis» (Spain, Valencia); 2014 -Homo Sapiens Lonely – Homo Sapiens Solitarius, MMOMA (Moscow).

Michael Kurzwelly


construction of reality | redefinition of space | art applied in context | interventions | installations | paintings
“To reorder space one needs to redefine space. For this kind of artistic intervention I use the term “applied art”, which means art applied in public context and space. This is to describe an artistic strategy focussing problems in society to then intervene, interact and transcend into another construction of reality. I create tools to create this new reality in other peoples minds”
1985 – 1992 studied fine arts (painting) at Alanus Kunsthochschule in Alfter/Bonn | 1993 – 1998 founded and ran the International Artists Center in Poznań | 1992 – 1998 lived and worked in Poznan/Poland | since 1998 lives and works in Słubfurt, formerly known as Słubice-Frankfurt (Oder) | since 2004 lectureship at the Europa University Viadrina / Frankfurt (O) | co-founder of the Netzwerk für Raumumordnung | in 2009 granted by the Stiftung Kunstfonds with a one year working stipendium | since 2012 member of the IKG (Internationales Künstlergremium)

Elena Kasimova


Elena Kasimova (b. 1986) is an artist and curator currently based in Izhevsk, Russia. She graduated in Civil Engineering at Budapest Technical University, later she attended the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia in 2012-2015, studying Sociology of culture at Udmurt State University from 2016. She is working for Izhevsk Art-Residency, organizing exhibitions of local young artists and holding other visual art events.
Main curatorial projects are Festival of Street-Art «Izhevsk Intervention» (2013) and exhibition of young artists of Udmurt Republic «Voice of Izhevsk», special project of V Moscow International Biennale of Young Artists (2016).

Nouran Sherif


A Visual and Audio artist / interior designer, born on 1990, Graduated from the faculty of applied arts 2012. Lives and works in Cairo.
Her art work varies from Sound, Video, paintings, installations, performance and photography, recently working in art direction in short movies, and also working on the scenario of the first featured film. Interested in conceptual, surrealistic and symbolic Videos and films, also interested in ambient and electronic sounds.

Muhammad Taymour


An Egyptian video artist & Filmmaker born in 1985, started to be interested in Photography when he was 22 years old, his work is influenced by Abstract, Surreal & Conceptual Art.
His interest turned gradually to filmmaking & video art to express his thoughts in a more accurate way. As a Director & Video Editor, Muhammad seeks creative approaches for telling the story and never giving up to reach the perfection.
Filmography: Dayra (2011) – Short film / Family Affairs (2011) - Short film / Blink (2012) – Video Art / Home (2013) – Video Art / The Pine Tree (2015) – Short Experimental / It’s happening everyday (2016-2017) On going short film

Mate Djordjevic


Nemanja Djordjevic known as Mate is Serbian artist, primarily a painter and draftsman. He explores new ways to create a surreal fantasy and nightmare. Djordjevic creates works of art that can be attributed to the field of painting and drawing. Also, his work calls for questioning, existence and the phenomenon of metamorphosis. Mate Djordjevic was born in 1983 in Belgrade, in the former Republic of Yugoslavia. He works as a freelance artist since 2008. Đorđević works have participated in many exhibits, screenings and festivals inside and outside Serbia. He has received awards such as: First winner of the Vladimir Velicković design fund in 2009, Painting on the Foundations Roux and Tronchet of the French Academy of Fine Arts, First winner of the design fund Vladimir Velicković, prize at the 47th Winter Show in Herceg Novi (Montenegro) in 2014. Currently in a one-year residency in the Académie française des Beaux-Arts studio, Paris, 2014, Pierre David / Weill 2015 Drawing Award of the French Academy of Fine Arts Paris France 2016, 19th Antonio Marin 2015 Paris France, The Osten 2016 Drawing Award. Engaged in painting, drawing, graphic and sculpture, he has been exhibited in numerous collective and individual exhibitions, both nationally and internationally.

Katarzyna Sobucka


Katarzyna Sobucka is a cultural producer, curator and founder of Arts Territory, a London based non-profit arts organization. Recent projects include: Hunger Is/Isn’t an Object with Karolina Brzuzan Kochi Muziris Biennale, 2016; Myth, Artisterium 2015; Foreignness of Sound, ICA, London, Café OTO and SOAS, 2014 and Non-Static Depiction, residencies and exhibition series, 2013. Katarzyna also curates experimental music for the JEMP festival she initiated in 2012. She is currently working on a commission-based project, The Illusion of Return. Katarzyna holds a BA(Hons) in Art History from Goldsmiths College and an MA in Culture, Criticism and Curation from Central St Martin’s.

Charlotte Bricault


Née en 1985 à Pithiviers, France. Vit et travaille à Bruxelles, Belgique. Diplômée de l'Ecole d'Arts et Techniques du Paysage, Ecole Du Breuil, Paris. Diplômée de la Chambre Syndicale des Fleuristes de Paris. A étudié la céramique à l'Ecole des Arts Visuels La Cambre, Bruxelles. Etudie la céramique à l'Ecole d'Art d'Uccle, Belgique.

Anna Tolkacheva


Anna Tolkacheva is Russian media-artist, researcher, curator and poet. She explores new ways for creating text and accessing it through the new media, non-standard interfaces and controllers. Anna creates art-works which can be attributed to the emerging field of the mediapoetry. She works in experimental video, interactive installations and text techniques. Anna born at 1985 in Gorky, USSR. She had a master degree in Computer Science (Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, 2011) and have worked as a senior programmer and researcher in computational linguistic field. Since 2012 Anna studies new media art in Rodchenko Art School. She is a co-organizer of publishing house "Red Swallow". Anna's works participated in a big number of exhibitions, screenings and festivals inside and outside of Russia. She got Gran Prix in International Extra Short Film Festival 2014, VideoPoetry Film Festival "The Fifth Leg" (2012, 2016). At 2013-2014 she got Google Award for research on the project "Revolutionary events prediction by social media".

Alexandra Puchkova


born 1989 (Baikonur/USSR), study in The Rodchenko Art School of Photography and Multimedia, works and lives in Moscow
Aleksandra works in different medium with theme of site-specific and social media. It's «ne-mesta» (non places) - appropriation urban object, she changing object assignment. For example «No madison square garden». In another project we can find out inside history of political trolling in Russia. In work «God's view» artist works with medium - google maps, panorams and navigation. In residency Aleksandra hopes to do the work in the mediums deeper and use VR medium. Now area of interest of artist also include work with the practice of modern urban folklore and study patterns of sound inside that.

Boris Lukic


Boris Lukic (b.1985 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina) is an artist living in Novi Sad, Serbia. He graduated and got his MA degree from the University of Novi Sad Academy of Arts.
Boris Lukic is a visual artist who realized his works in many different media. Currently, its involvement is most concentrated on painting. In his work he deals with the consideration of the importance of visual representations for modern man and the forms in which this shape of appearance occurs. This method gives him an opportunity in which modern visual world and inherited traditions can rethink and to offer new perspectives on the world in which we live.

Magda Krawcewicz


born 1978 (Poland), studied in Hamburg, works and lives in Hamburg.
The art of Magda Krawcewicz presents an increasing number of works depicting figural forms. Yet this does not occur in the sense of a new naturalism; it is rather to be understood as an essential part of dissolution and fragmentation. She is fascinated by the realm which appears through the tension hovering between "whole" and "dissolved" bodies, thereby describing the space which surrounds this body. (..) In her paintings and sculptures, Magda Krawcewicz' succeeds at providing us with more than just images. Embracing her works, we begin to understand her art as reflection - as a mirror of our own soul and diversity. (Rik Reinking)

Polina Kanis


Polina Kanis was born in 1985 in Leningrad, where she studied at the Herzen State Pedagogical University before continuing her studies in Moscow at the Rodchenko Art School of Photography and Multimedia. In 2011, she was a Kandinsky Prize winner in the "Young Artist" category and in 2016 she won the Sergey Kuryokhin Award for Contemporary Art in the "Best Media Object" category. Kanis has also won and been short-listed for various prizes in the Innovation awards for contemporary art. Solo exhibitions of Kanis' art have been held at the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (2016), Manifesta 10 in St. Petersburg (2014), and also in Baku, St. Petersburg, Turin, Kiev and other cities. She is a regular participant in Russian and international exhibitions.
Kanis' works have been acquired by the Kadist Art Foundation (Paris), the National Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow), the Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw), the Aksenov Family Foundation (Moscow), Stella Art Foundation (Moscow), the Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation (Moscow), Videoinsight Foundation (Bologna) and by private collectors.

Georgia Kotretsos


Georgia Kotretsos is an Athens-based artist and researcher. With her work, she critiques the conformity of seeing by studying, proposing and practicing liberating and anarchic approaches of looking at art in an effort to support that seeing is site-specific and spectatorial emancipation the source of our art knowledge. Through her research-based practice, she encourages speculative approaches on how knowledge is and/or could be produced.

Julia Gryboś + Barbora Zentková


We are working as duo since we have met in a painting studio while studying at the University of Ostrava. Common interest in examinating the medium of painting as well as a opinion proximity, lead us into intense forms of cooperation. Today our work is focused on complex units, in which one of the important components is often sound. We are dealing with terms such as time, surface, repetition, deepness of image. We work with question of reduction of components and given space and its character. Our aim is to build an specific enviroment while focused on ones position inside the installation.

The residency of Julia Gryboś and Barbora Zentková is organized by Štokovec, priestor pre kultúru and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

Daniela Pălimariu

2016/07 (Bucharest)

Daniela Palimariu (b. 1986, Iasi) currently lives in Bucharest, Romania. In the last few years, her art practice has evolved towards public/private social events and livable objects and installations that understate the ambiguity of human relations, the need for personal space, play and daily subversions. She presented various works at / sandwich /, Bucharest and Iasi, Ivan Gallery, MNAC, Salonul de Proiecte and Platforma Space (Bucharest), MAGMA (St. George), R.E.M.X. (Arad) Intermediae (Madrid, ES), CAZ (Penzance, UK), and was an artist in residence at The Model (IRL), Nida Art Colony (LT) and EstNordEst (Quebec, CA). In 2016, together with other artists, she opened / sandwich /, an atypical artspace in Bucharest.

Raluca Popa

2016/07 (Bucharest)

RALUCA POPA (b. 1979) studied at Byam Shaw School of Art / Central Saint Martins (London) and University of Art and Design (Cluj). She lives and works in Bucharest. Recent exhibitions: South by Southeast. A Further Surface, Guangdong Times Museum, (CN); Critical Moments, Shed im Eisenwerk, Frauenfeld (CH); Esthetics of Learning, Printmaking Gallery, The University of the Arts in Philadelphia (US); Two Titles, Rumänska Kulturinstitutet, Stockholm (SE), solo show; Turning Something Plain into a Circle, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest (RO), solo show; Mapping Bucharest: Art, Memory, and Revolution 1916–2016: An exhibition by the MAK, Vienna Biennale; Une autre cité, Tranzit Bucharest (RO); Other Rooms, Galeria Plan B, Cluj (2015); Dispositions in Time and Space, MNAC, Bucharest (2014); And Yet There Was Art!, Leopold Museum, Vienna (2014); Dear Money, Salonul de Proiecte, Bucharest/Viennafair (2013)

Micro-art-group "Gorod Ustinov"

2016/06 (Izhevsk, Russia)

Participants of the micro-art-group "Gorod Ustinov" (Kirill Agafonov, Natalia Peredvigina) were born in 1986 when the city of Izhevsk was called Ustinov. They live and work in Izhevsk, Russia. They take part in exhibitions since 2006, but together under the name "Gorod Ustinov" since 2010. Their installation "Microterritory" ("Islands") was shown in the main project of the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2013. The exhibition "Micromuseum Gent" was realized in the Museum of Fine Arts (MSK), Gent, Belgium in 2015. The main purpose of micro-art-group "Gorod Ustinov" – learn to feel and appreciate the space, starting with the smallest of its parts. Artists living in the vast extensive country work in the conventional direction of the "micro". This is the size of objects, and sometimes shortness of their existence, and micro- communications – the level of personal contacts in the process of creating and displaying works. The City of Ustinov lasted only 900 days (1984 to 1987). Today this is the city of Izhevsk. As a place on the map Ustinov does not exist, but it remains about itself in the passports of people who were born in this period. Participants of the art group were born then and associate their artwork with the place which no longer exists. They are trying to create their own place of birth, time and space, which once began for them as the city ("gorod" in Russian) of Ustinov.

Ermanno Cristini

2016/04 (Milano)

Ermanno Cristini is an artist who, along with Alessandro Castiglioni, developed Roaming. This is a research project which had so far produced 22 exhibitions in museums and project-spaces in many european countries including MNAC Annexe, Bucharest; Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich; Musée Saint Denis, Paris; Riso Museum, Palermo; Forum Stadpark, Graz; Mestna Galerija, Nova Gorica; Musée Cantonal Des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne; Szeeman Archive, Maggia, etc. The topics of negotiation are the main focus of his work and are developed in other experiences he produced, such as Dialogos. This project made in 2010 an exhibition at Assab One, in Milan, in 2013 one at MACT / CACT in Bellinzona, Switzerland and now it is going into its third edition. Since 2009, he opened his atelier inviting other artists to exhibit in the project The host and the Intruder, recently exhibited at PROGR in Bern. In 2011 he started a new project of "domestic" exhibits called Riss(e), which since 2014 it takes place in a "deposit of ideas" named Riss(e)- Zentrum. Since 2013 he is also working on the cycle of "hidden" exhibitions Prière de Toucher and on projects about the idleness named Doppio Stallo, which is starting in March 2016 in Milan, and is developing at PROGR, in Bern and at the Cabaret Voltaire, in Zurich, in occasion of Obsession Dada.

Giancarlo Norese

2016/04 (Milano)

Giancarlo Norese is an Italian artist, one of the initiators and the editor of publications of the Progetto Oreste during the Nineties, a network which organized several common initiatives as residency programs, meetings, artists' networks, that was invited by Harald Szeemann at the Venice Biennale in 1999. His work has been also exhibited in such venues as Villa Medicis in Rome, the P.S.1 and Performa 07 in New York, Galerija Škuc in Ljubljana, Galleria Continua in San Gimignano, Tent in Rotterdam, Red Gate in Beijing, MAMM in Moscow, Platforma in Bucharest, ASU Art Museum in Phoenix, Kunsthalle Marcel Duchamp, Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. Giancarlo has been widely involved in many collaborative projects including experimental education (Free Home University), artists' books (a certain number of books.), unusual actions (lu cafausu), artist-run spaces (kunsthalle novi), and the setting up of a foundation (Lac o Le Mon).

Pamela Breda

2016/03 (Venice)

Pamela Breda (1982) received her MA in Visual Arts from IUAV University, Italy and she was visiting student at Essex University, Colchester Institute, UK. Her work has been exhibited in international venues in London, Santander, Madrid, Salzburg, Trondheim, and in institutions such as Karlsruhe Kunsthalle, Fondation Francois Schneider, Fondation Botin, Fondation Bevilacqua La Masa and Venice Architecture Biennal, Italian Pavillion. Her main area of research is focused on cultural visual tropes and traditions, on the contingency of the artistic process and on its multiple outcomes. She analyzes western imaginaries connected with culturally and socially-engaged contexts of production and reception. Starting from the analysis on the relationship between powers and knowledge and between artwork and the narrative fiction implied in it, she researches the visual-cognitive values ascribed to the contemporary image exploited as a narration.

Sara Benaglia

2016/03 (Bergamo)

Sara Benaglia (1983) is an artist. She is graduated in Theory and Techniques of Contemporary Arts at the Accademia Carrara in Bergamo and specialized in Visual Arts at the Brera Academy, in Milan. In recent years her work has participated in exhibition projects in Italy, Spain, Finland, Japan, South Korea. Sara investigates human behavior and the social conditioning brought about by verbal language. She mainly works with photography and performance, tools with which she stages hypotheses of beliefs, usually supplanted by more structured life/economic theories. She lives and works in Bergamo.

Flóra Gadó

2016/02 (Budapest)

Flóra Gadó (1989) is a freelance curator and Ph.D. student based in Budapest. She graduated in 2015 from Eötvös Loránd University with an MA in Art Theory. Currently, she is enrolled in the faculty’s Ph.D. program in Filmmedia and cultural theory. Her research topic is the question of artistic reenactments
in CentralEastern Europe. She works as a freelance curator and has taken part in several art projects, for example the OFFBiennale Budapest in spring 2015 or the Private Nationalism project in fall 2015. She has also curated numerous exhibitions, for example at the Studio Gallery and ChimeraProject Gallery (Budapest), also at the Off Photofestival (Bratislava). She contributes critiques and reviews to several online and offline magazines and she is a board member of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association.
She lives and works in Budapest.

program: Chimera Project Budapest


2016/02 (Budapest)

Áron KútvölgyiSzabó (1985) graduated in 2013 at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Art and Music. Since then he participated in several group shows, for example at the Studio Gallery (Mindsets), the OFFBiennale Budapest (Recollection) or at the Positions Art Fair in Berlin. In fall 2015 he took part in the Kunststiftung BadenWürttemberg’s residency program in Stuttgart and he was awarded the Derkovits Gyula prize. KútvölgyiSzabó’s works are dealing with the structures of human thinking, cognitive processes and mental representations. He is represented by ChimeraProject Gallery and he is a board member of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association. Currently he is working on his next solo exhibition which would take place in 2016 at Plusminusnula Gallery, Zilina (Slovakia). He lives and works in Budapest.

program: Chimera Project Budapest

Anna Vidyaykina

2016/01 (Vienna / Saint Petersburg)

Anna Vidyaykina (born 1989) comes from Saint Petersburg, Russia, and lives currently in Austria. 2008 - 2015 she has studied painting and experimental animation at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and focused on illustration during her exchange year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. In an image Anna tries to follow and let in the movement that in her eyes pervades everything. As a departure point may serve either a verbal image or a natural sight which then seek form in drawing, painting, illustration or animation and recently also live sand drawing and painting performances at musical festivals and concerts (2015 Yury Bashmet festival in Veneto, Italy and 2014 Podium Chamber Music Festival in Mödling, Austria). 2012 her short animated film "folia" has been distinguished at the Black & White Festival in Porto and the New Vision Festival in Kiev. Up to now Anna has illustrated three children's books for Austrian and Italian publishers. 2014 she has won the 1st prize at the International Illustration Competition "Notte di fiaba" in Sarmede, Italy.

Photo: Andrej Grilc

Adrianna Glaviano

2015/12 (Paris / New York)

Adrianna Glaviano (1989) grew up in New York City and is now based in Paris, France. She works as a freelance photographer, shooting commissions for magazines and other clients, along the lines of lifestyle, portraits and still life. Alongside this she develops personal creative projects using photography and film as a medium. These projects range from documentation of what she finds around her in every day life and travels, to abstract still lifes she creates using different materials - always using film and a wide range of cameras to create different effects.

Meka Muratova

2015/11 (Kyrgyzstan)


Serguei Keller

2015/11 (Kyrgyzstan)


Bermet Borubaeva

2015/11 (Kyrgyzstan)


Dmitri Petrovski

2015/11 (Kyrgyzstan)


Karol Pichler

2015/10 (Bratislava)

Geboren: 1957 in Bratislava, Slowakei Studium: an der Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst (heute MOME) in Budapest, Ungarn Themenkreise der Arbeit: orientieren sich in der epistemologischen Ebene, in den strukturalistischen Positionen, sowie in den Fragen um die Sprache und die Sprachphilosophie. Erweiternde Disziplinen: Design Ausdruckseinheiten: Objekt, Installation (meistens ephemere), Photografie, Video, Zeichnung.

Musikfestival Bern 3-13 Sept.

2015/09 is hosting the guest artists of the Musikfestival Bern. Ensemble This | Ensemble That: Brian Archinal, Victor Barceló, Baschi Pfefferli and Miguel Ángel García Martín

Daria Marchik

2015/08 (Moscow)

Daria grew up in New York, attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, majoring in Photography & Cultural Study. Her style reincarnated to Europe. Widely associated with performance in embezzling elements of popart & modern-day utopia, she works with various media including photography, performance & costumes. Works have been featured in various exhibitions in New York, Berlin, Moscow, London & other capitals across the major Earthly plates. Her current studio in Berlin accomidates many diverse projects..

Said Adrus

2015/07 (London)

Said Adrus was born in Kampala, ‘British East Africa’ of Indian parents from Gujarat. Displaced to Switzerland in early 1970’s, his formative years were spent near Berne where his family still live. As an International Artist, for the past 25 years Said has worked on numerous projects in Europe, New York and in Mumbai. In 2009 Said was resident artist at Balfron Tower in East London facilitated by Bow Arts. In 2013 he was invited to show at the 2nd International Istanbul Triennale in Turkey.
Currently showing in Boden at Havremagasinet, Sweden as part of the No Entry exhibition, until end of September 2015.

Alessandro Di Pietro

2015/06 (Milan)

Alessandro Di Pietro (Messina, 1987) lives and works in Milan as a visual artist. His artistic practice is focused on the process of normalization and deviation from the standard, in material and linguistic terms. Main solo show: La table basse, FPAC Bad New Business (2014, Milano) curated by Simone Frangi. Main collective shows: HPSCHD 1969-2015, curated by Xing, MAMBO - Museo Arte Moderna Bologna (2015, Bologna); Glitch. Interferenze tra Arte e Cinema, curated by Davide Giannella, PAC – Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea (2014, Milano); Zodiaco, curated by Davide Bertocchi, CAR drde (2014, Bologna); Primavera 2, curated by Valentine Meyer, CNEAI – Centre National Édition Art Image (2013, Chatou); On File, Platforma Space – MNAC Annex (2013, Bucharest); Constructional System, curated by Simone Frangi, VIR – Viafarini in Residence (2012, Milan). Selected editorial projects: 24ØØ, YES I'M WRITING A BOOK ( Milan, 2015 ); OEI Magazine #65 POSTKONST (Stockholm, 2014); New Observation #130 ( New York, 2014) and Boîte #12 ( Milan, 2014 ).

Photo courtesy: Andrea Piunti Studio

Martino Genchi

2015/06 (Milan)

Art is the most sophisticated way in which the interplay between mankind and its environment is shown. Every act of vision presuppose a placing of the self on a specific point of view – both physical and political. Every choice shapes the experience, contributing to build a complex stratification of awareness. Martino Genchi's research focuses mainly on the interaction between the reality and its observer, by testing and stressing the limits of what is called individual (not divisible). Forcing the behaviour of the artwork and through a free and experimental approach, the areas of certainty of thought and experience are posed under attack. Martino Genchi's sculptures, installations and actions may be seen as an attempt to generate a tension in the viewer with the purpose of pushing their mental processes into the throes of a constructive crisis. In 2008 he began a secret operation wherein, with an improvised tool, he would replace the lightbulbs of streetlights with red ones, thus perturbing the public lighting system, jeopardizing efficiency in favor of imaginative power. After his MA at the IUAV University, he specialized through various residencies at Fondazione Spinola (2008), Ratti (2012), and Lum Award (2011). His work has been exhibited at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, at Viafarini Milan, at the Stedelijk Museum s'Hertogenbosch and at the BKSM Strombeek, among others. He has collaborated with independent centers such as GUM Studio, Casabianca, and DNA project box in Venice.

Kris Vleeschouwer

2015/05 (Antwerp/Bordeaux)

Kris Vleeschouwer makes interactive installations and sculptures in which, via means of high-tech and low-tech, a junction is formed between knowledge and skepticism, relativism and absurdity. Vleeschouwer’s art work involves a multiplicity of actions related to coincidence, chance, threat and terrorism. These themes are evoked by automatic and computer driven installations that are programmed to act randomly, ensuring that the spectator is physically and mentally exposed to the interventions. The actions depend on random events, chance, luck or trivial occurrences as for example a spectator who walks by or a fish swimming before a sensor. Vleeschouwer exhibited his work in Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Arco Project Room in Madrid , the Museum Quartier in Vienna and Museum Kunst Palast in Dusseldorf. His work is presented by Annie Gentils Gallery in Antwerp. From 2005 onwards he collaborates with Arteconomy which is an organization that links artists with companies to develop work together. Since 2008 he is lecturer at the department Fine Arts at the Leuven University College of Art, faculty Brussels. Towards the end of his residence he will have an exhibition at Grand Palais Bern.


2015/05 (Berlin)

Andora ist der wohl bekannteste und einflussreichste deutsche Pop-Art Künstler. Er wurde am 7. Juni 1958 in Berlin geboren, wo er - nach Stationen in New York, Moskau etc. - mittlerweile auch wieder lebt und arbeitet. Zu den zahlreichen Höhepunkten in seiner Karriere zählt die Bemalung einer russischen Proton-Rakete, die anschließend ins All geschossen wurde. Damit ist er der weltweit einzige Künstler, der Kunstgeschichte im Weltall schrieb. andora gilt als Mitbegründer der europäischen Pop-Art Kultur und hat mit seinen Kunstwerken - u.a. bestehend aus bemalten Dollar-Scheinen - Weltruhm erlangt.

Maricel Alvarez

2015/02 (Argentina)

Maricel Alvarez (Buenos Aires) began her work in the artistic fields over 20 years ago, with studies mostly framed within literature (Buenos Aires University) acting and contemporary dance. She studied with renowned teachers in Argentina and abroad such as Laura Yusem, Ana Frenkel, Mike Matzke (She She Pop) and Juan Cruz Díaz de Garaio Esnaola (Sasha Waltz & Guests), among others. She is a prestigious cinema and theatre actress, director and choreographer.

The residency of Maricel Alvarez is organized and sponsored by Konzert Theater Bern

Portrait of Maricel Alvarez by Sebastián Arpesella


Emilio García Wehbi

2015/02 (Argentina)

Emilio García Wehbi was born in Buenos Aires in 1964. He is an interdisciplinary artist working in the crossover of different scenic languages. Since 1989 -year in which he founds El Periférico de Objetos, a paradigmatic group in the experimental and independent Argentinean scene- up to these days, he has become a prominent theatre director, régissuer, performer, visual artist and teacher. His theatre productions, operas, installations and urban interventions have been presented in the most relevant venues, festivals and cities in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, United States, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Chile, Colombia, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Australia and Japan. His poetics confronts with the established aesthetic categories creating an hybrid form that does not adjust to any specific definition. His formal quest tries to establish a dialectic with the spectator, considering audiences an active part of the work. His formal strategies include concepts such as obscene (that that is off the scene), crisis, accident, provocation, instability, extraordinary (that that is off the established order), memory, death and violence. His artistic production is a space where different points of view converge.

The residency of Emilio García Wehbi is organized and sponsored by Konzert Theater Bern

Portrait of Emilio García Wehbi by Nora Lezano

Viana Conti

2015/01 (Genova)

Viana Conti, art critic and journalist, was born in Venice and now lives in Genoa; since the seventies she has curated a number of contemporary art exhibitions for museums and institutional spaces in Europe and beyond. Her contributions to art criticism focus on the themes of history, memory, language crossover, the exchange of data sent out and received by the art object through the perception of the observer, and latency in the work of the collective author. She writes for various art magazines: "Flash Art", "Arte e critica", "Segno". Since 1998 she has also written for the "Corriere del Ticino", Lugano, and currently writes for the quarterly of the Department for Architectural Sciences GUDDesign. In the 1980s and '90s she worked together with Pro Helvetia – the Swiss Foundation for Culture (Zürich) and currently collaborates with the Department for Promoting the City of Genoa, Cultural Projects and Policies for Young People as well as with the Genova Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura as part of the project Sala Dogana. Giovani Idee in Transito and with the Bogliasco Foundation - Liguria Study Center for the Arts and Humanities.

Mauro Ghiglione

2015/01 (Genova)

Genova nel 1959. Depositario di un lavoro mentale che, pur conservando un interesse linguistico sulla materialità e su forme archetipiche, si focalizza sullo studio della percezione e del pensiero, e sulla modalità in cui questo si relaziona alla spazialità e alla memoria. È essenziale nel suo operare, il rapporto con l'immagine fotografica, con una ricerca linguistica tesa a sottrarre lo specifico fotografico all'immagine, per affrontarne la sua messa in crisi. Di derivazione concettuale, rinviante anche alle esperienze della Minimal Art, il suo lavoro, costituito da installazioni, video e manipolazioni della fotografia, con una propensione per la bassa definizione, individua come diretto punto di riferimento l'identità e il legame con la memoria. Le sue sono archeologie del futuro, immagini di un luogo che non sarà più; dove un frammento evoca il tutto solo per arrivare alla soglia di un'altra dimensione. Nel lavoro attuale, Ghiglione si serve della tecnologia per produrre immagini a bassa definizione, con la chiara e voluta consapevolezza che il digitale abbia soppiantato la fotografia, nel complesso procedimento di produzione di immagini.

Alessio Delfino

2015/01 (Italy)

Alessio Delfino, Italian artist and French by adoption (born in Savona, Italy on March 5, 1976), lives in Albisola and works in Savona and Milan. He approached photography at a very young age, acquiring experience in the dark room, through chemistry studies and by associating with artists. With the exponents of artistic photography he created his first works which would develop into various photographic series starting with his first personal exhibition in Genoa that soon launched him into the Italian scene. This helped kick off a prolific international career for which the most important milestones include recent personal shows in New York, Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Seoul. Alessio Delfino does not represent the body in its completeness, but reveals it as it becomes movement, trace, oneiric memory, desire and a journey of acquisition and knowledge (Viana Conti).

Sergey Kishchenko

2014/12 (Moscow, Russia)

1975 born in Stavropol, USSR. 1994-1998: Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS), Department of Acting; 1998-2002: Department of Production; 2012-2013: The Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow (ICA), Educational Program "New Strategies in Contemporary Art Education"; 2013-: MANEGE/MediaArtLab. Selected solo exhibitions and projects: 2012: «Stem Cells Project» , Gallery Office, ARTPLAY, Moscow, Russia 2006: VII Media Forum, XXVIII Moscow International Film Festival, Video Art Project "Feast at the time of H5N1", With co-author German Vinogradov. Moscow; 2002: IV Moscow Photo Biennale, Photo Project "P.S.", Moscow; 2001: Pskov State United Historical, Architectural and Fine Arts Museum-Reserve, Photo exhibition "Want to Save the Earth's Beauty", Pskov, Russia. Selected group exhibitions and projects: 2014 "VGLAZ METAMORPHOSES" Pechersky gallery, Moscow; "Post Digital. Different borders" Museum and Exhibition Center 'Worker and Kolkhoz Woman' Moscow; "Open" State Academy of Arts Voronezh, Russia; 2013: «The Second Moscow Saturnalia». Cultural Alliance. Marat Guelman Gallery. Moscow; 2013: 17th ART MOSCOW; 2013: «Parts of the whole» Vinzavod, Moscow; 2013: «STUDENT ArtProm» ARTPLAY, Moscow; 2007: Festival of Mystery Art of Megapolis, Moscow; Project "Under the Shadow of the Sky Forest" (cur. German Vinogradov); 2003: IV Media Forum, Moscow International Film Festival.

Peter Barényi

2014/11 (Bratislava, Slovakia)

These days I am finishing my doctoral studies in which I focus on a diary and its forms in art. The investigation into the common private life is also the main concern of my art work. I visualize “everydayness”, fear of death, a loss of a close person or fear as such. Me and my closest relatives are the central figures of my video installations. Lately I have been working on a new topic – nightlife and clubbing, which is also a part of my PhD thesis. In the privacy of my apartment I organize after parties where with the help of the invited we create new pieces of art. My works have been shown at the exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republik, and of course Slovakia where i come from.

program: Štokovec, priestor pre kultúru
support: Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic

Mira Gáberová

2014/11 (Prague)

*Lučenec, Slovakia. The recent work of Mira Gáberová, a laureate of the Oskár Čepan Award 2012, focuses on an analysis and possibilities of expression of more ephemeral artistic forms. In her recent works she either addresses the theme of everyday banal situations present in her personal and family life or investigates the place of an individual and his being in contemporary world, often implying autobiographical features. In a more specific way, Mira Gáberová deals with a nature of social interaction, the role of a common experience and mutual interaction of participants in the process and for the sake of creating the final artwork. (Katarína Slaninová)

program: Štokovec, priestor pre kultúru
support: Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic

Gábor Koós

2014/10 (Budapest, Hungary)

Born 1986 in Lucenec, Slovakia. Lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. 2007 - 2012 - Hungarian University of Fina Art (MKE), Budapest. Master of Fine Art in Printmaking 2010 - Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK, Painting and printmaking. Selected Exhibitons: 2014: XXVI. Miskolc Graphic Triennal, Miskolci Galéria, Miskolc, Hungary; The Future Is Today!, ICA-D, Dunaújváros, Hungary; derkó.pécsi.2014, Kunsthalle, Budapest; Enter/ing - New members of FKSE, FKSE, Budapest. 2013: International Biennal of Drawing and Graphic Arts, Eszterházy Palota, Győr, Hungary; Fingerprints, Chimera-Project, Budapest; Derkovits Now, Kunsthalle, Budapest; 2012: Fresh 2012 Empathy/Manipulation, Kogart Gallery, Budapest; Graphic Open 2012, MKE, Budapest; Best of Diploma 2012, MKE, Budapest; 2011: XXV. Miskolc Graphic Triennal, Miskloci Galéria, Miskolc, Hungary; International Biennal of Drawing and Graphic Arts, Győr, Győr, Hungary; 2010: 42th International Art Colony Győr, Győr, Győr, Hungary; Szekler's Graphic Biennal, Saint George, Saint George, Romania.

program: Chimera Project Budapest



1 - 21 September is hosting guest artists of the Biennale Bern

Jeannette Ehlers

2014/07-08 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 2006. Experimental nature generally characterizes Jeannette Ehlers's work. Image manipulation is often included in the artist's photographic and video based works. On these changeable terms meaning and identity are explored, in both a sophisticated and immediate way. For years she has created cinematic universes that delve into ethnicity and identity inspired by her own Danish / West Indian background. She challenges and explores the film medium’s ability to communicate in a visually fascinating and engaging language. Creating imaginative stories with both edge and sharpness, her work still retain the broad appeal. Her pieces revolve around big questions and difficult issues, such as Denmark's role as a slave nation - part of the Danish cultural heritage, which often gets overlooked in the general historiography. Exhibitions (among more): Parisian Laundry, Montreal, Canada * Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin, Germany * C&H Art Space, Amsterdam, The Netherlands * , Museo Del Barrio, New York, USA * ISCP, New York,US * Kianga Ellis projects, Santa Fe, US * Cartel Gallery London England * Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea, * Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, * Århus Art Building, Århus, Denmark, * Brandts, Odense, Denmark, * BRAENNEN Gallery, Berlin, Germany * Image 10, Vevey, Schwitzerland

Nikolaj Recke

2014/07-08 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Nikolaj Recke b. 1969, Royale Danish Academy of fine art Copenhagen 1989-95 “Emotional conceptualism” has been a landmark in Recke’s work from the beginning. Where much conceptual art downplayed the personal dimension, Recke invests his subjectivity (as an artist and a person) in the encounters with the works. Not to return to narcissistic self-reflection but to open these works to levels of emotional experience that they have traditionally been dissociated from, and expand their intellectual and formal horizons even further with aesthetics involving self-irony, wit, politics consciousness and a romantic sense of beauty. Work with Stalke Gallery in Denmark & Thomas Rehbein Gallerie in Cologne. Exhibited in Kunstpanorama (Lucern), ICC Museum (Tokyo), Tamayo Museum (Mexico), ZKM (Karlsruhe) & Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Humlebæk).

Sibel Kocakaya

2014/05-06 (Istanbul, Turkey)

1986, born in Istanbul, Turkey. Lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. 2013-2014, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon ( MA) / 2011-, Marmara University, Institute of Fine Arts, Division of Painting (MA) / 2005-2009, Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Art Education, Department of Photography (BA). Selected Exhibitions: 2013, 'Untitled (Milk)' Performance, IPA Platform for Young Performance Artists Istanbul 2013, Salt Galata 2013, 'Yeni Algı- Beden ve Sınırlar '/ 'New Perceptions- Body and Boundaries' Mixer, İstanbul, Türkiye / 2013, 'Bedensel Sınırlar'/ 'Bodily Limits' Sibel Kocakaya ve Christelle Familiari, Şekerbank ‘Açıkekran’ New Media Arts Gallery, İstanbul, Türkiye 2013, 'Sınırlar Yörüngeler 13 '/'Borders Orbits', Siemens Arts, İstanbul, Türkiye 2013, 'Müstakil Adımlar' , Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts Exhibition,İstanbul, Türkiye 2012, İkametgah Kadıköy, Hush Gallery, İstanbul, Türkiye 2011, 1. İstanbul Yaz Sergisi/ 1. Istanbul Summer Exhibition Antrepo 5- Sanat Limanı, İstanbul, Türkiye 2009, Desen Sergisi, Enka Dr. Clinton Vickers Art Gallery, İstanbul, Türkiye 2007, Desen Sergisi, Maltepe University, İstanbul, Türkiye

nomThunzi Mashalaba

2014/04-06 (Cape Town, South Africa)

nomThunzi Mashalaba (b. 1979) South African artist currently based Cape Town. Mashalaba’s artistic concerns in most of her work revolves around ideas of exploring more in to her personal stories thus often visually transferring her diary on to large scale works. With a biographical element the work alludes to story boarding and sketch booking yet often carried out in traditional means of oil painting , print making and drawings so far. The narration of the work is intended to go beyond its original basis to unpredictable shaping of something simultaneously a present and past/ personal and otherwise.

The residency of nomThunzi Mashalaba is organized and sponsored by

Matt Cianfrani

2014/04-05 (New York, USA)

Matt Cianfrani is a media artist from New York. He has an MFA from Hunter College and has studied at The University of Pennsylvania and at Universität der Künste, Berlin.

Hu Wei

2014/03 (Shanghai, China)

Hu Wei was born in Nov.1972 in Shanghai. 1991-1998 Art Education Department of East China Normal University, BA / MA; 1999-2002 Chinese Language & Literature Department, East China Normal University, PH.D; Since 1998 he has been working at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University. He is associate Prof. at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University and member of China Artists Association. From July 2008 to June 2009, he studied art history as visiting scholar at the Institute of Art History, University Bern. His main artistic exhibitions: Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, 1998; Fan Guzi Gallery, Shanghai, 2000; Sanjo Gion Gallery, Kyoto, Japan, 2006; Espace Gallery, Nagoya, Japan, 2007; 77 Gallery, Tokyo, 2008; Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair, 2009; Galerie Huit, Hongkong, 2011; Art Fair Tokyo 2012; Espace Gallery, Nagoya, Japan, 2012; Espace Gallery, Kyoto, Japan, 2012; Konfuzius Institut an der University Hamburg, Germany, 2012

Maree Clarke

2014/01 (Melbourne, Australia)

Maree Clarke is a Mutti Mutti, Wemba Wemba and Yorta Yorta woman from Victoria who works as a multi-disciplinary artist and curator of Aboriginal art. She works across a number of mediums including painting, mosaic, photography, jewellery and sculpture.

Anna Schölss

2013/12 - 2014/01 (München/D)

Born in 1983 in Ingolstadt, Germany. 2003-04 History of Arts and Theatre, Film and Media Studies in Vienna, Austria 2004- 2011 Stage and Costume Design and Painting at Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany; 2006-2007 Scholarship Academy of Fine Arts Cracow, Poland; 2007-2008 Scholarship Academy of Fine Arts Castilla La Mancha, Spain; 2011 Diploma Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Germany. Anna Schoelss lives and works in Munich, Germany. Coming from a deep examination with abstract color painting Anna Schoelss transfers these aspects into space objects, large-sized paintings and scenographic installations. She has a free and experimental approach to painting and space and is collaborating with contemporary musicians and dancers. The intention of her work is to focus the visual aspect of human perception and to reflect it as long as an essential space appears which can be experienced intuitively.

Martin Kochan

2013/10 (Slovakia)

The residency of Martin Kochan is organized by Štokovec, priestor pre kultúru and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

Veronika Sramatyovan

2013/10 (Slovakia)

The residency of Veronika Sramatyovan is organized by Štokovec, priestor pre kultúru and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

Kate Fauvel

2013/09 (New York)

Kate Fauvell is Hip Hop in the Contemporary Art World. She paints what she knows: the urban culture of growing up in New York City. From Queens, born and raised in a divorced working class family, Kate learned early on that everyone could leave and would leave. It began with her Dad and continued to be understood through the death of people close to her. So Kate worked on keeping people happy in the hopes that they would stay. A big job for a little girl. And she began to make art. Kate paints what she knows, stories about life, moments in time that make us all human. Love, loss, paint. After spending several years working with teenagers in Brooklyn, her work became about something bigger than her, a more universal story. She experienced growing up in NYC for a second time.The fear, challenges, the loss, the inequalities, the racism, the fun, the friendships, love, hate, violence, temptations, reality, the jokes, the search for self. Kate paints from the heart. Her work is about the heart of NYC, the greatest, roughest, most caring and careless city in the world. Kate paints what she knows.

The residency of Kate Fauvel is sponsored by the Office of Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy, Bern

Nina Barnett & Robyn Nesbitt

2013/07-08 (South Africa)

Nina Barnett and Robyn Nesbitt are South African collaborating artists, working together since 2006. Their work is based on a history of dialogues with each other, and with the environments in which they work, separately and together. Their current research examines the concept of an island - as a physical and manifested place to inhabit. Their collaborative work has been exhibited at David Krut Gallery, New York; the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Gallery, Texas; Galleri 3, 14 Bergen, Norway; the Johannesburg Art Gallery; The Parking Gallery, Johannesburg and the Spier Art Collection, Cape Town among others.

The residency of Nina Barnett and Robyn Nesbitt is organized and sponsored

Sibylle Hofter


Sibylle Hofter is a Berlin based visual artist exploring film, text, site-specific sculpture, installation in public space, and photography. She is also a Curator of various projects, and co-founder of Büro Schwimmer, and initiator of Schwimmer Image Agency (under construction). Her working process usually includes extensive research on extra-cultural fields.

Antigoni Pasidi

2013/05 (London)

Born in Athens, Greece in 1976. Painting Degree, ASFA (Athens School of Fine Arts), 1999. Sculpture Degree, ASFA, 2003. MA in Fine Art, Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London, 2004 (scholarship by the Lilian Voudouri Foundation). PhD in Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London, 2013, (scholarship by the Hellenic Scholarship Foundation - IKY). Lives and works in London, UK. Having trained as a painter, I embarked on a new cycle of studies in sculpture in Professor George Lappas’ Studio in 1999 (ASFA). This was a major turning point for my practice, which developed into video installation environments and objects, sometimes in quasi-domestic spaces. These experimentations triggered questions regarding the artistic process of setting up a physical encounter with spatial work (an expansive “scene”), which later developed into a lengthy research project into the element of staging at the heart of sculptural practice. I conducted a PhD by Practice at the Royal College of Art in London, exploring notions of staging, affect and the encounter as an interaction of elements indicative of a shift in the reception of art; a shift from art as object to art as encounter. Parallel to this I engaged in a series of projects, exhibitions and performances (among others at the Royal College of Art in London, the Siakos-Hanappe Gallery in Athens, Toihaus Theater in Salzburg etc), as well as museum work (A.Sygros Museum, Athens and PIOP Foundation Museums, Greece) and field research (India/Nepal 2006/7). My work ranges from sculpture, site-specific installation and drawing to photography, performance and video. Its imagery plays with material and color, nature and artifice, models and ad hoc constructions. I currently work with wax, bronze and wood, combining landscape, ornament and broken architectural elements arranged in stage-like scenes.

Arno Nollen


This unobtrusive sense of details ensures Arno Nollen's work never feels insensitive or indiscriminate. Nollen makes his photographs in series and the works exhibited here explore vulnerability: the portraits of the old and young, exposed and photographed so close and intimately that their eyes and expressions cannot be hidden or diguised, make for a stark study in vulnerability. His use of repetition, showing multiple images from a shoot, emphasises both similarities and differences: how slight changes in expression or posture can alter our reading. And, whether it is fascination, lust, disapproval, disquiet, this repetition serves to reinforce our response.

Stéphanie Saadé

2012/12 - 2013/2 (Beirut / Lebanon)

Stéphanie Saadé was born in 1983, in Beirut. She started studying Philosophy and Fine Arts in Lebanon, before moving to Paris. There, she integrated ENSBA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris), and studied with Christian Boltanski and Jean-Marc Bustamante. In 2008, she obtained a scholarship to study at the China Academy of Arts of Hangzhou, and started learning Chinese print-making. After graduating from ENSBA in 2010 with a Masters, she received a new scholarship and moved back to Hangzhou. She is currently pursuing her artistic practice between Lebanon, China, and France, alongside her research on the history of landscape. It is closely related to her work as an artist, which is based on formal experimentations that often focus on the isolation of elements of landscape, and their representation. The artist places these elements in artificial relationships with pieces of furniture, photographs, museum objects or details of clothes, evoking the perception man has had and has of nature, his acquired appreciation of it and its methods, and the place he has assigned himself in it. Each part of the sculpture, whether fabricated or borrowed, fluctuates between different categories and statuses. Her work has been exhibited in China and Paris, and more recently in Lebanon. In November 2011, she was selected to take part in Exposure 2011 at the Beirut Art Center, for which she produced Vitrine 70, a work specially conceived to respond to the Lebanese context. From then on, she has started working on new series of works, that link together her experience of the three countries she has been living in, on the aesthetical level as well as on that of meaning.

Jarmila Mitríková + Dávid Demjanovič


DD- 1985- born in Bardejov, 2004-2011 Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, 2008- Newcastle University, 2006 – Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. JM-1986- born in Trebišov, 2005-2011 Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, 2008- Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. They are living and working as art duo in Bratislava. Although each of them is concerned with different art forms (Demjanovič devotes himself to postconceptual art, installations, video art and performances while Mitríkova is concerned with painting, ceramics and collage), since the year 2009 they have both started creating paintings and objects using the soldering technique into plywood. They use a technique of pyrography as a reference to a folk amateur art. It is very interesting to follow in their work a contrast of an original folk craft and themes in comparison with an atractive contemporary visual language the work dispose of. In 2011 they won together the Slovak art prize: “Painting of the year” organized by VUB Foundation. Their work includes references to folk literature, folklore, religion and national identity and can also be understood as the authors‘ interpretation of our history, our present, and even our future, absurdly linking often unimaginable periods from the past, which are also utopian responses to what would have been if…



lacasinegra is an art collective dedicated to cultural creation, management, investigation, observation and production. lacasinegra considers cinema as a starting point for development into other forms of media e.g. video art, installations, net art, cross media, remix, etc. Any format, space and way of thinking, that involves the practice of audiovisual devices, can be a field of work for us. lacasinegra is represented by a very heterogenic group of creators that work in different areas: cinema, advertising, industrial and graphic design, education and theory. One of our various activities is to appropriate and remake audiovisual materials that inspire us, which we find either by chance or deliberately. This audiovisual material is in a continuous mutation and is available for everyone interested in their own reinterpretation. Our most important premise is both the transparency in the creation and in the learning process, and the effort in documenting all the sections of the production.



Die Biennale Bern ist ein spartenübergreifendes Festival, in dessen Zentrum das zeitgenössische Kunstschaffen steht. Veranstaltet wird das Festival von zahlreichen Kulturinstitutionen der Stadt Bern - mit dem Ziel, die lokalen Veranstalter mit regionalen, nationalen und internationalen Kunstschaffenden zusammenzuführen. Verschiedene Kunstschaffende wurden eingeladen, ein Projekt zum diesjährigen Festivalthema KAPITAL zu realisieren – u.a. die bildende Künstlerin Silke Wagner sowie die Theaterschaffende Judith Wilske. Ihre Werke werden bereits vor sowie während des Festivals im öffentlichen Raum in Bern präsent sein.

Martina Salzberger


*1972 in Bad Kötzting, Germany. Lives and works in Burghausen. 1995–2002 Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts/Brussels, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts/Paris. She works in different media as drawing, photographie or sculpture. "My work is all about contents and their shape. To make both visible is the purpose of my objects. They are created for chosen individuals or rooms and therefore fit that particular body like a second skin. These covers become the new surface disclosing emotions, information and intimate details. So weakness and vulnerability are being revealed."

Daphné Gentit

2012/07 (Paris)

*1978 in Thionville, France. Lives and works in Paris since 2011, of return of an exil in Italy during 8 years. 1997-2002 Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg – Master of Fine Arts. My aesthetic research is based on the phyisical and abstract experiment of the Otherness. I transfigurate the intimate memory by alteration and by extension, of the material and the thought. To build a Memorial of images and forms, made by flesh and by words.

Tanja Isbarn


* 12.05.1971 in Berlin, 1993-1998 Hochschule der Künste Berlin, University of the West of England faculty of art and design Bristol, Central St. Martins school of art and design London. Lives and works since 2000 in Groningen/NL. "(..) zur zeit zeichne ich auf dem boden meines werkraums. mit verschiedenen rotstiften werden sitzend oder liegend kreise auf der achtfach geweißten fläche gezogen. Es sind individuelle blasen, geschlossene systeme, die zusammenkommend 'angeschnittenen' schaum ergeben. Eine art organische wachserei. ganz anders als die grauen bleistiftstriche an der wand, die jeweils eine linie mit vertikaler ausrichtung beschreiben. Diese strukturen verstehe ich mehr als schrift."

Margie Livingston

2012/05 (Seattle USA)

*Vancouver, Washington. Lives and works in Seattle. 1999 Master of Fine Arts, University of Washington, 2001 Fulbright Scholarship to Germany. Trained as a painter, Margie Livingston started in 2008 pouring, layering, cutting, and assembling paint to build hybrid objects that shift between painting and sculpture. Many of her paint objects are simulacra of natural forms, such as objects made from ribbons of paint wrapped into rocklike shapes, then halved to reveal layers like those of a geode. Others sketch an existing trajectory from nature to culture, such as sheets of paint rolled into ten-foot “logs” and then milled into planks to evoke the common building materials, or scraps of acrylic “mill ends” formed into sheets to replicate waferboard.

Sohei Nishino

2012/04 (Tokyo)

*1982 in Hyogo, Japan. 2004 graduate from Osaka University of Arts. Lives and works in Tokyo. His work has been exhibited at galleries and museums internationally including the Centre National d'Art Contemporain Grenoble/FR (2011), Michael Hoppen Gallery London (2011), Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (2012). Awards include the President Award of Osaka University of Arts (2004), JPS Committed Exhibition (2005), Young Eye Japanese Photographer association Award (2005), Canon New Cosmos of Photography Excellence Award (2005) During his residency in Bern Sohei Nishino will work on his series "Diorama Map".

The residency of Sohei Nishino is organized and sponsored by Festival Images, Vevey

Pia Maria Martin


*1974 in Altdorf, Germany. Lives and works in Stuttgart. 1997-2003 Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart. Pia Maria Martin is a German film artist living in Stuttgart. Starting off with 8 mm film, she now works with 16 mm creating innovative, thought provoking stop-animation films. Her films are coupled with a musical score complimenting the storyline of the film.